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The Wives of Henry VIII Notes

The late 1540s were unkind to henry he was afflicted

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- The late 1540s were unkind to Henry. He was afflicted by a variety of diseases of the over feed and he had lost most of his hair. His looks were far gone. He was increasingly short tempered and suspicious of everything. Cromwell was never really replaced as a favorite advisor. He relied on his own policies which tended to be indecisive. - Beginning in 1546 his health began a serious decline. He could no longer ride. He developed ulcers on his legs and could not longer walk without assistance. - The beginning of 1547 people began to wonder what would happen after the King died. Edward was only 9 years old. He was the rightful heir but who would rule while he came of age. - Arguments for each of his daughters had some value. Mary was the favorite of the catholic conservatives at court. She was thought to perhaps rule until Edward grew up. Henry turns against the conservatives at court b/c of a seal on the Earl of Suffolk’s portrait. Henry was outraged and Suffolk was executed. And his father disgraced. - Cramner and Queen Catherine become the main players in court and Henry completely “dumps” the conservatives at court. - Henry wrote his will and in it he appointed a council to rule until his son came of age. Cramner and other reforming figures were appointed to the council.
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- Henry until the end was a very lucid and affective Politian. It was clear he was dying, but no one wanted to acknowledge his shortening time. Denning, however confronted the king and Henry prepared himself for death. - On Jan 27, 1547 Henry died. There was a long period of shock and grief among his subjects and his kingdom. He was place in a very large lead coffin and buried in Winsor. - Edward became King Edward VI at age 9.
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