It is a single word or words need to identify a

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It is a single word or words need to identify a product and to differentiate it from other products. A brand mark is that part of the brand which appears in the form of a “symbol design, distinctive colouring or lettering. It is recognised by sight. But not pronounceable it is designed for easy identification of the product. Key Concept Branding Brand image and product image. Conditions favourable to branding. Branding decisions. Questions 1. Explain importance of Branding? 2. Explain Functions of Branding? 3. Explain Methods of Branding? 4. Explain types of Brands? 5. Explain conditions of favourable to branding? 6. Explain Advantages of Manufacturers? 7. Explain advantages of wholesalers and Retailers? 8. Explain disadvantages of Branding? Annamalai University
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