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I have to agree with the author that some of the

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I have to agree with the author that some of the theories made by people don’t really seem to be very good interpretations of the text. Simply because most of those less popular theories only seem to look at certain parts of the scripture and miss the whole idea of the greater picture. I have to disagree with his straight analysis of the text in that the interpretations seemed to take most of the scripture for face value and sought no other insight in to the text. In my own view, I think that there would be a deeper level to the text than simply an admonition against sex before marriage or even just a tribute to passionate love. That aspect didn’t really seem to get touched on in this article, but it did give some good examples of possible interpretations that I may not have seen before. Source 4: Hollis, Harry N. "Toward A Theological Understanding Of Sexuality." Review & Expositor 68.2 (1971): 157-167. ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials . Web. 2 Apr. 2013. This article focuses on scripture with an emphasis on God’s interaction with people and God’s potential view on sexuality. It goes into a lot of detail starting with the beginnings of Man according to God’s will and continues throughout the Bible using relevant scriptures that can be interpreted accordingly. Some basic, key elements brought to light in this text are the themes of creation by God, judgment of God, and redemption in God. There are several subcategories within these basic themes, but the main point that the author comes to conclusion with is that God as “Creator, Judge, and Redeemer” will form a theology that brings “dignity, pleasure, and meaning to sexual behavior.” I like how the author divides a lot of the themes into smaller categories that are very basic but to the point. It is very successfully portrays the possible themes of sexuality and deeper
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meanings in the scripture. The idea of sexuality with dignity, pleasure, and meaning are very interesting ideas to me and I plan to look into this more as I continue my research and pose an answer to my question.
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