Tco 2 this is the transport process by which gases

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. (TCO 2) This is the transport process by which gases, such as O2 and CO2, move through a membrane. (Points : 3) d. Simple diffusion 9 . (TCO 2) The overall function of mitosis is (Points : 3) e. the production of new cells. 10 . (TCO 2) Most intravenous solutions are _____ with respect to blood cells. (Points : 3) b. isotonic 11 . (TCO 1) List and briefly describe the six basic life processes. (Points : 5) 6 basic life processes are: 1. Metabolism - The sum of all catabolic and anabolic chemical processes that occur in the body 2. Responsiveness - The body’s ability to detect and respond to changes 3. Movement - Any motion 4. Growth - Involves an increase in body size due to an increase in existing cells, number of cells, or both 5. Differentiation - The development of a cell from an unspecialized state to a specialized state 6. Reproduction - The formation of new cells or the production of a new individual 12. (TCO 2) Why is the human digestive system unable to digest cellulose? (Points : 5) Although starch and cellulose are both polymers of glucose, the glucose that is present is different between them and the types of bonds which link the glucose monomers together is different. The human digestive system is unable to digest cellulose because we lack the enzyme that cellulose has. Cellulose has beta acetal linkage which us as humans are unable to breakdown.
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