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Treated by trying to stick a thing around the eye and

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Treated by trying to stick a thing around the eye and have them lay on the unaffected side??? o Can also be treated with lasers Otitus media o Ear infections cause repeated inflammation and stiffens the tympanic membrane o Ototoxicity caused by meds such as antibiotics and diretics o Can be treated with antibiotics if it is an infection o If caused by a child with repeated ear infections they will put tubes in the ears Meniere’s Syndrome o Vertigo o Endolymph increases and it messes up hearing o Usually in one o Comes and goes o Tends to increase with age
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o Hearing loss is a big deal Diabetes Type 1 o Caused by autoimmune destruction of beta cells o Genetic component o Thinks that it is exacerbated by viral infections o Starts in childhood o Complete lack of insulin o Has to have insulin given, usually small amounts o Diabetic ketoacidosis (treated with iv fluids and insulin) o Symptoms: hunger, thirsty, and peeing, decreased loc and confusion o Need to make lifestyle changes o Be careful with exercise because It drops blood sugar Diabetes Type 2 o Older people get it o Insulin resistance---body does not respond to insulin o
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