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Vii ending the european war a d day june 6 th 1944

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VII. Ending the European War A. D-Day (June 6 th , 1944): invasion on allied forces. Over 1,000,000 ally troops stormed Normandy, France. At this point France over run by German. 3,000 ally lives, turning of the tide. Ally does win. B. Allied “saturation bombing”: night time high bombing. Casualties were enormous. German claimed 500,000, settled on 130,000 but in reality 25,000. Kurt Vonnegut wrote Slaughter House five, he was there, but a prisoner so he survived. Hundreds of thousands died in Tokyo. C. V-E Day May 8 th , 1945): Victory: April 30, soviets reached Berlin, Hitler committed suicide in his bunker, German surrenders hereafter. VIII. Atomic Warfare A. The Bombing of Japan: Hiroshima & Nagasaki: ends the war effectively. -- “The Manhattan Project”: In 1943, Germans were interested in atomics, fear that the German were working on such things, caused US to do same. It involved scientists working for three years in New Mexico to develop this device. Reports about Germany were a little exaggerated. FDR dies 1945, only then does Truman hears about the bomb. -- “Trinity”: First explosion of an atomic bomb, first successful one. July 16,1945 Called Trinity because of the triggering device because three. Truman wanted to end it in August 8. Japanese are resisting surrendering. Truman issues vague warnings. Surrendering unconditionally is what the US was demanding. Japanese wanted a negotiating power. -- “Little Boy”: On August 6 th , 1945 is dropped on Hiroshima. It is Uranium bomb. Around 66-80,000 killed by initial blast. 100,000 more are dead by end of 1945. 200,000 within five years. August 8, the soviets come in and declare war on Japan.
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-- “Fat Man”: more powerful. August 9 th , 1945, Nagasaki. Plutonium bomb. 40-75,000 initial blast. -- August 14 th , 1945: Japan surrenders unconditionally and the war ends. America didn’t have another bomb. B. Why were atomic weapons used?
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VII Ending the European War A D Day June 6 th 1944 invasion...

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