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Ms 11 1 pto section b 6 read the following

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MS-11 1 P.T.O.
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SECTION - B 6. Read the following illustration and answer the questions given at the end : 25 Agility through outsourcing with British Telecom British Telecom (BT) promotes its outsourcing business with the strap-line 'Agility through Outsourcing'. Many organisations both in the public and private sector have reviewed their internal processes and found that they lack the necessary resources to meet the increasing challenges put on them by changing demands of their customers. .. They have turned to companies whose core competences fill the gaps in their internal structure. They hand over the running of whole business functions, such as payroll or training, gaining the expertise they need to meet that step change requirement forced on them by the expectations of their customers, but at a predictable cost. BT offers its clients the opportunity to outsource its information, communication and technology (ICT) functions to provide them with 'freedom from technology' : Making an investment in technology requires a great deal of expert knowledge to ensure that it becomes an enabler for business rather than a barrier to it. Often organisations find they don't have that expertise in - house. The solution is either buying that expertise in, further raising the level of investment, or handing over the responsibility of managing their ICT systems to a third party like BT that has the relevant
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MS 11 1 PTO SECTION B 6 Read the following illustration and...

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