Induced trans mutation 400 emission of this nucleon

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Induced trans- mutation 400 Emission of this nucleon does NOT lead to transmutation. Neutron 600 This is the name of the process by which a large nucleus splits into two smaller fragments. Fission 800 This is the amount of a 100-g sample that remains after 3 half-lives. 12.5 g 1000 This is the number of half-lives required for 15/16 of a radioactive sample to decay. 4 Nuclear Energy 200 This is the percentage of nuclear power plants based on nuclear fusion world- wide. 0 400 Of H, Fe and U, the nucleus that has the lowest average mass per nucleon and is most stable. Fe 600 This is the process in which the fissioning of one nucleus leads to additional fission reactions. Chain Reaction 800 This is the minimum amount of fissionable material needed to sustain a chain reaction. Critical Mass 1000 This is converted to energy during all nuclear reactions. Mass Exposure & Medicine 200 Of 20%, 80%, and 100%, the percentage that represents the amount of radiation exposure due to natural sources. 80%
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