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MAB Audience Analysis

Saint louis area and is aware of apismellis homecare

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Saint Louis area and is aware of Apismellis Homecare even though he is not affiliated with the company. Solo had very little emotion about the idea of his mother winning an award, not because he does not care, but because he already has so much respect for her. He stated that he would be extremely proud but not at all surprised. He witnesses the efforts his mother puts in to her work every day. He also said that he would hope everyone present would be able to appreciate her work as well. My father, Michael Banton is a psychiatrist in the St. Louis area, and stated that he would hope to be able to truly understand the meaning behind the award that Mrs. Ceesay was receiving. Many people in the area are doing amazing things when it comes to healthcare so why is her work so important? He said he would be curious to know exactly how her work is impacting the area and how her recognition for the award could aid in bettering her company. 8. The award ceremony will take place during a quarterly briefing in a “casual manner.” Mrs. Ceesay is not one to draw attention to herself and would find it somewhat embarrassing to attend a huge event solely to honor her. In speaking
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with her about this assignment she was overly flattered and said she does not feel the need to be recognized but was very appreciative.
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