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8 is the medical physical for at majors different

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8. Is the medical physical for AT majors different than the one for athletes? Yes. If so, why? AT students must also complete and sign a technical standards form along with a signed physical from their physician stating the student meets the technical standards of the program. 9. What is confidentiality? indicating confidence or intimacy; imparting private matters. How does it apply to AT majors? What is said in the ATR, stays in the ATR. AT majors are not allowed to discuss athletes’ or their conditions without the athlete’s consent. 10. Are athletic training students allowed to participate in varsity sports at WSU? No. Why would this cause a conflict? Time constraints and confidentiality between team members. 11. The Athletic Training Education Program at WSU is nationally accredited by______? NATA (National Athletic Trainers’ Association). 12. Provide the website for the national athletic trainers association. 13. Why do graduating students take a certification examination? To make sure they understand the necessary material for the profession and are capable of assessing, treating, and working with patients.
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14. What is the difference between an athletic trainer and a personal trainer? Personal trainers work with people on fitness and working out, whereas AT’s work with athletes and patients with injuries and illnesses. 15. Where do athletic trainers work? Are athletic trainers supervised by a physician? Athletic trainers can work for companies, hospitals, high schools, universities, gyms, etc. Athletic trainers are not supervised by a physician, which is why they need certification as a health care professional. 16. What questions do you have about the ATEP program at WSU (program admittance procedures, student conduct, confidentiality, athletic training room policies & procedures)? How many students usually drop out/get into the AT program? If a student drops out of the program, can another student take their spot that year or would they have to wait and reapply the next year still? 17. What questions do you have about the profession of athletic training? What is the most common place for an AT to work after graduation?
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8 Is the medical physical for AT majors different than the...

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