The organization may conduct seminars at which

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visit, brochures and other literature about the organization are often distributed. The organization may conduct seminars at which company executives talk about various facts of the organization. From the employer’s perspective, campus recruitment offers several advantages, as well as several shortcomings. On the positive side, many organizations find the college campus an effective source of applicants. The placement center typically helps locate applicants that have at least some qualification, since they have demonstrated the ability and motivation to complete a college degree. Another advantage of campus recruitment is that students generally have lower salary expectations than more experienced applicants. On the negative side, the campus recruitment suffers from several distinct disadvantages compared with other recruitment sources. First, most of the applicants have little or no work experience. Thus, the organization must be prepared to provide some kind of training to applicants they hire. Second, campus recruitment tends to depend on seasons. Third, campus recruiting can be quite expensive for organizations located in another city. Costs such as airfare, hotels, and meals for recruiters as well as applicants’ visit can become quite higher for
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