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Private jbutton calculatebutton private jbutton

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private JButton calculatebutton; private JButton exitbutton; private JTextField lengthfield; private JTextField widthfield; private JTextField areafield; private JLabel lengthlabel; private JLabel widthlabel; private JLabel arealabel; public OfficeAreaCalculator() { mainframe = new JFrame("office area calculator"); calculatebutton = new JButton("Calculate area"); exitbutton = new JButton("Exit"); lengthlabel = new JLabel("Enter the length of the office:"); lengthfield = new JTextField(15); widthlabel = new JLabel("Area: "); areafield = new JTextField(15); widthfield = new JTextField(15); arealabel = new JLabel("Enter the width of the office:"); Container c = mainframe.getContentPane(); c.setLayout(new GridLayout(0,2)); c.add(lengthlabel); c.add(lengthfield); c.add(widthlabel); c.add(widthfield);
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c.add(arealabel); c.add(areafield); c.add(calculatebutton); c.add(exitbutton); exitbutton.addActionListener(this); calculatebutton.setMnemonic('c'); exitbutton.setMnemonic('x'); mainframe.setSize(250, 150); mainframe.addWindowListener(new WindowAdapter() { public void windowClosing(WindowEvent e) { System.exit(0); } }); calculatebutton.addActionListener(this); lengthfield.addFocusListener(this); widthfield.addFocusListener(this); areafield.addFocusListener(this); mainframe.setVisible(true); }
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private JButton calculatebutton private JButton exitbutton...

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