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The bird at the tree gives her whatever she wants

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day. The bird at the tree gives her whatever she wants. This took away some of her goodness for me. She isn’t being rewarded for being gentle and kind anymore, the bird is still just giving her whatever she wants. This might be an allusion to God rewarding her daily for continuing her mother’s wishes, but that doesn’t change how I feel about this change in the story. The other big change is the completely unnecessary violence towards the stepsisters. They cut off their heels and toes to fit into the shoes and then have their eyes pecked out on their way to and from the wedding. The self-mutilation of the girls to fit into Cinderella’s shoes might be a pointed finger at women’s tendency to put themselves through a great amount of pain to look beautiful and land a man. It also shows just how
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dumb the prince is because he doesn’t notice them bleeding all over themselves. The helpful birds pecking out their eyes at the end is their continued punishment for being so mean to Cinderella. Now they can’t walk and they are blind for life. The Grimm’s probably added this because they were big into their morals and being mean to the poor and unfortunate was something they frowned upon.
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