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As thyself and repent of your sins ask him to forgive

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as thyself, and repent of your sins, ask Him to forgive you of all your sins. A relationship with God should be an exciting moment for you. The moment when you decided to give your life to God, you should be screaming for joy. Mrs. King put its clear that going through and not knowing him is a bad decision. The second thing I learn in Personal Finance class is staying within your range. You need make a buying plan. In the buying plan, there is total of five steps in which you follow to be financially responsible .The first step is (1) Define your spending goal. This means that you ask the question, “Is this item is either a want or a need.” A need is an essential item that is impossible to live without. A want is to desire or wish for an item beyond survival or comfort. There is a fine line between a want and a need. (2) Choose an Item to buy. Once you have established your spending goal, choose an item that meets all your goals. (3) Define Criteria of the item of your choice. Make sure that you are aware of the item capabilities and understand the feature of the certain product. (4) Set a timeline of the product. This gives you a time period or time frame in which you would like to purchase the item. (5) Set a spending limit. A spending limit is the maximum or most you have planned to pay for the particular item.
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The third thing I grasped from Mrs. King’s Personal Finance class is to be prepared for college. You need to understand the actions you need to do in order to be accepted into a
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as thyself and repent of your sins ask Him to forgive you...

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