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Since the company is based on other country the after

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-Since the company is based on other country, the after sales services could be a problem. F. DOST Intervention Schedule of Activities: Proposed Activities Target Date 1. Linkaging February 2014 2. MOA signing May 2014 3. Release of funds/purchase of equipment June 2014 4. Monitoring and Project January 2015 - 2016
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4/21/2014 5:01:30 PM Effectivity:___________ Angel’s Mate Enterprises SETUP Project Proposal Page 12 of 13 G. Expected Output/Impact (measured results) By the second year after completion and upgrading of equipments and other assistance from DOES, the company expects to accomplish the following: 1. The efficiency of production will increase by 50%, there will be a smooth flow of production and consistency of the product will be ensured. 2. There will be 50% increase in the volume of production. 3. There will be 0-5% on rejects. 4. There will be 30%-50% increase in sales. PROPOSED PLANT LAYOUT WITH PROCESS FLOW
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