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EN 234 Week 8 Discussion

He never said good-bye to her he didn't cry he did

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Unformatted text preview: He never said good-bye to her, he didn't cry, he did not show any emotions for a woman whom he loved so much. He said it was like saying good-bye to a statue and then walked home in the rain. The only thing I can think about this scene to make it realistic is that he is numb, he is so heartbroken that he can no longer feel pain. But overall the ending is realistic, it shows that life does not always have a happy ending and that things in life can make us who we are. Also, it shows how the choices we make can affect our lives and if we make the wrong choices bad things can come of them. Since Henry left the war and went on the run with Catherine it brought on unneeded stress and not only did he lose their baby he lost her in the end from that choice. Had he stayed in the army they would have had a better chance but he may have been the one to die instead. 2. What do you believe is the main theme of the novel?...
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