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Acct 116 Spring 2013 Syllabus

Function calculator in class please turn your cell

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function calculator in class . Please turn your cell phones off during class. Like many of your other courses, ACCT 116 covers a large amount of material in a relatively short time span. In general, if you keep up with the work, your learning experience will be more rewarding. My
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focus is to assist you in developing a basic understanding of the course subject matter. I will ask you to demonstrate the level of your understanding by applying course concepts to specific problems. You must actively participate to achieve the expected level of understanding. Participation Class attendance and participation is required. Participation includes coming to class on time, being prepared, asking and answering questions, and contributing to the class discussion and any group activities. You can only earn participation points if you attend class for the whole period, contribute to the class, and successfully complete any assignments. Homework You will use Connect to complete your homework online. I will not accept homework submissions in class or on paper. The assignment due dates are listed in the course schedule/ Connect , and the due time is 8am . Connect will automatically submit your assignments completed or not on the due dates. I expect that each of you will complete all assigned homework in preparation for class time. I will randomly choose four assignments for grading purposes. Your grade for homework problems will depend upon your successful completion of the problems. This means you must complete the homework problems correctly in order to receive full credit for your homework. I will only use your best score on each timely chapter submission for grading purposes. To develop a solid foundation in these topics, there is no substitute for working problems thoughtfully, and with reflection. You should read the assigned materials and make a genuine attempt to complete the homework assignments prior to class. The assignments should reinforce your understanding of course
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