This is then followed by a description of the methodology section 332 Validity

This is then followed by a description of the

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This is then followed by a description of the methodology (section 3.3.2). Validity and reliability considerations are then covered in section 3.3.3 and 3.3.4 respectively. 3.3.1 Design Choices The study design choice for this investigation was a case study. It was conducted at the Turfloop campus of the University of Limpopo with a student population who mostly originate from disadvantaged communities. A case study is an empirical inquiry that investigates a contemporary phenomenon within its real-life context, especially when the boundaries between phenomenon and context are not clearly evident (Yin, 2003, p. 13). While the investigation reported here took place between early 2004 and September 2008, my intention is to continue to investigate the phenomena described in the study because the research was designed in such a way that larger samples and continuous observation of the relationship between the variables will serve to increase the reliability and the validity of the findings presented here. This study entails the detailed and intensive analysis of a single case – which is how Bryman (2004, p. 48) defines a case study. Bryman adds that a school (or, as in this case, a university) can offer ideal circumstances for the prosecution of a case study. The case study falls into the category of what Bryman (2004, p. 51) calls “an exemplifying case”. Such a case is chosen because it provides answers to certain research questions rather than because it is able to fit certain extreme conditions. Such a case allows key social processes to be examined. Bryman (2004, p. 51) offers an example of case study research which, in many ways, is similar to this study. His chosen example involves a researcher who seeks access to an organization because it is known to have implemented a new technology and because the researcher wants to know what kind of impact the
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