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1.4. REVISION POINTS Communication: “‘Communication is the process by which i nformation is transmitted between individuals and/or organizations so that an understanding response results” Objective of communication: The objective is to provide clear instruction, for issuing direction, influencing others, integration and evaluation of activities Process of Communication: Process involves elements like sender, message, encoding, communication channel, receiver, decoding and feedback Medium for Communication: Communication involves verbal and non verbal communication medium. Verbal involves oral like speaking, listening and written includes writing and reading. Non verbal media includes Facial Expression, gestures, body language, proximity, touch, personal appearance and silence. 1.5. INTEXT QUESTIONS 1) How do you define communication? 2) What is the importance of Communication? 3) What are the different objectives of communication? Briefly explain any five of them. 4) Discuss the different situations when the communication exists. 5) “Communication is an exchange of facts, ideas, opinions and emotio ns by two or more persons.” Explain the statement and discuss the role of feedback in communication. 6) Discuss the elements of communication process. 7) Communication is the lifeblood of an organization. Elaborate the statement with suitable examples. 1.6. SUMMARY Communication may be defined as interchange of thought or information between two or more persons to bring about mutual understanding and desired action. It plays a major role in organizations related with managerial decisions and effective functioning. Choosing the medium for effective communication depends on the type of audience, accuracy, secrecy, speed and time considerations, cost and availability etc.,
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17 1.7. TERMINAL EXERCISES 1) Define Communication. 2) What is meant by communication media? 3) Differentiate between sender and receiver in communication. 4) Give the meaning of feedback. 1.8. SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIALS 1) Faye Rice, “Champions of Communication”, F ortune, 3 June, 1991, pp.111, 222, 116, 120. 2) Vanessa Dean Arnold, “The Communication Competenci es Listed in Job Description”, The Bulletin of the Association for Business Communication LV, No.2. (June, 1992); pp. 15-17. 1.9. ASSIGNMENTS 1) A presentation on the merits and demerits of communication media can be made. 2) A news article may be interpreted by different individuals and asked for this option. 1.10. SUGGESTED READINGS / REFERENCE/SET BOOKS 1) Sehgal M.K., Khetarpal Vandana, Business Communication , Excel Books. 2) Urmila Rai and S.M. Rai, Business Communication, Himalaya Publishing House. 3) P.D. Chaturvedi, Mukesh Chaturvedi, Business Communication, Concepts, Cases and Applications, Pearson Education. 4) Bowman, Joel and Branchaw, Business Communication: From Process to Product, Dryden Press.
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