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Each easily can afford to pay apple verizon wireless

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Each easily can afford to pay Apple” . Verizon Wireless is able to serve more customers than AT&T because the company has a greater bandwidth than AT&T. Verizon has the largest number of markets and people covered, and has 22 enabled devices, including the iPad …. . it also offers a higher data plan than AT&T” . Verizon had an upper had on AT&T because it launched the 4G LTE service almost a year before AT&T. In addition Verizon offers more products that their services can be used on versus its competitors. Even though AT&T started its 4G networks quite some time after Verizon its market has grown. “The network has reached 74 million people. AT&T's download and upload rates are competitively fast as well”. For Consumers the deciding factor may be the price and or kinds of devices that are being offered by each company. There is not much of a variation in price for the services that each company offers. The average American consumer would not take time to decide which provider to choose based upon the information presented. Many consumers assume that the device has something to do with the speeds and how the services function. While that is partially true the devices is not the sole factor on how wireless services perform. The device is merely the
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Wireless Networks 5 transmitter o the information that is being input and output. As a consumer these various factors that have been discussed were not a factor in deciding which services and devices to purchase. The deciding factor was price over the competitors. Price may not be the best evaluator. One must consider what they are paying for and what services would be a benefit for their reasoning for needing the services. Technology will continue to evolve. As consumers one must move with the progression or get left behind.
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Each easily can afford to pay Apple Verizon Wireless is...

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