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Federal approval is key paramount allegiance clause

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Federal approval is key. -- Paramount Allegiance Clause: Article 1 section 2, can’t secede. Can’t be a rebel, people have an allegiance to federal gvt over their state.UNR is established by the NV constitution. -- Loyalty Oath: Article 15, professors and teachers have to swear their loyalty to the federal government. Have sworn their allegiance to federal government, also to take up arms to defend it. V. The End: photography is revolutionary, strikes a chord. Brought the war to life. Timothy O’ Sullivan, Matthew Brady two famous photographers. Ugly side to Civil War. Many prisoner camps. Total war with the US was involved in. Spring of 1865 with the fall of Richmond, VA (the Confederate capitol) April Lincoln toured Richmond and sat in Davis’s seat. Appotomax April 8, official surrender of General Lee, May 10, Davis is. VI. Reconstruction: Period after Civil War, Reconciliation of the South. Needed to be rebuilt. Atlanta was burned down to the ground. Population was thinned. Traditional sense of Southern pride was damaged. Rebuilding it physical and the people. A. Legislating Equality: Still a part of the union, need to let them back in easily and let them get back on their feet. April 14, Lincoln dies. South is worried. Equality needed to be in south . South had aristocracy. Had to do with black slaves, and whites. Most whites in the South did not own slaves.
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1. Readmission: agreed to adopt the 13 th amendment, regarding slaves, 14 th for citizenship. All states did this they did not have much of an option. 13 th amendment was the actual thing that made them free. Emancipation only let slaves free that are in the states in rebellion. 14 th makes all blacks citizens.
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