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Must be real and finite v 0 because it occupies a

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must be real and finite (V > 0) because it occupies a given space, or else the equation is incalculable. The information that is collected to establish the ideal gas is the ideology of pressure and its effects on the temperature, amount of gas in moles (N), and volume of the gas. Pressure is inversely proportional to volume and can be visualized as so by assuming a closed container at the same pressure is then shrunk in size; the resulting box would have many more molecules colliding against the sides of the smaller tank resulting in a greater pressure. Pressure and the amount of the ideal gas in moles are proportional to each other and can also be visualized through the same example noting that as the pressure is increased the molecules colloid at a greater rate, or increase proportionally. The last case that brings us the understanding of the ideal gas law deals with the knowledge that pressure is proportional to temperature by noting as temperature increases the molecules will move at higher speeds and produce a larger force on the box, thus establishing a higher pressure proportionally. With these three basic concepts we can equate P = NT / V, and once we establish the constant R = 8.314 J / mol*K for all ideal gasses, we can find that PV = NRT through simple calculations, or the establishment of the ideal gas law. Procedure : A) Pressure and volume 1) Attach the absolute pressure sensor and syringe together in the proper format and attach it to the working computer program Data Studio (channel A is the Pressure Sensor (Absolute). 2) With 30 ml of gas, found by removing syringe plug and establishing a value of 30 ml of gas, then re-plugging, test the given pressure values (click digits to display values) for different measurements; ex 30 cc, 20cc, 15 cc… B) Pressure and number of moles of gas
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1) Set up the absolute pressure sensor, the syringe, and the canister together in the proper
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