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True North - What Kind of Leader am I

For instance if schultz did not have a not so

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A person’s life story is the backbone to one’s leadership abilities. For instance, if ___ Schultz did not have a not-so hardworking father, he would not be as motivated and successful as he is today. However, a person does not need a traumatic or immense moment. Every decision a person makes creates the story of one’s life. Life story 2. Are you a leader? If yes, what kind? If no, why not? ------ p.192 Leadership is an interesting thing. To an extent, I feel as though I am a leader. I like being a motivator and knowing that I can change a person’s life by my guidance . But at the same time, I need to have been inspired to change myself. I believe the power to
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influence a group of people or even one person is an immense gift. Because I have a great desire to make a difference, my drive is what gets me to accomplish so much. Although I am greatly encouraged by many professors and other influential people to take charge, I still have echo moments, where I repeat and imitate through example. It takes a while sometimes for me to grow out of a shadow. Knowing that there are so many people that need to be encouraged to work as hard as they can with passion inspires me to want to lead. If I believe that if I am fortunate enough to be driven to fulfill certain goals, why should everyone else have to be deprived of such greatness as well? My actions are reflected by… With the inspiration of great leaders, I feel encouraged to expose others to the beauty of taking charge .
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