This would be a simple case of advance fee scheme or

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This would be a simple case of Advance Fee Scheme or better known as Phishing (Biegelman, M. (2005 pg212).Although it isn’t reported in our book as I mentioned in the discussion, this is one of the most difficult scams to follow. Banks spend millions of dollars to prevent phishing. It may prevent for a short time these technology gurus find the avenues of getting past this information and finding peoples personal information through the banking system. The main clues that exist in the email are the actual email from the bank. Being you’ve never received an electronic email notification rings suspicion and like I’ve mentioned above when receiving an email from that bank there is normally a branch manager or any management would have their information direct contact and email, if the email doesn’t match the direct contact information that draws a line of suspicion as well. Also the bank will not tell you it’s an
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BANK OF DEVRY, FRAUD? OR LEGITIMATE? urgent update for your information, they should have my information already unless I’ve made changes to my account they shouldn’t have any problems finding my information on their end. I am a detective and I review everything especially being I am a bookkeeper so my clients and my information need to be protect at all times. It’s unfortunate for what people what do to steal your identity or money. I’ve seen so many cases to where my protection has gone on overload. Biegelman, M. (2005). Executive Roadmap to Fraud Prevention and Internal Control: Creating a Culture of Compliance (1st ed). John Wiley & Sons P&T. Retrieved from
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This would be a simple case of Advance Fee Scheme or better...

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