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Arg ID Worksheet with comments

Because the dose the federal regulations allow

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to keep them away for the workers. Because the dose the federal regulations allow workers to get is sufficient to create a genetic hazard to the whole human species. You see, these workers are allowed to procreate, and if you damage their genes by radiation, and they intermarry with the rest of the population, for genetic purposes it’s just the same as if you irradiated the population directly. (John Gofman) - Argument 28. I dwell in a big city, drink lattes, own no guns, and I am against gun registration for three main reasons. First, the criminal use of firearms will not be curbed. Your own story on the smuggling of illegal guns illustrates this horrendous problem. Second, an expensive bureaucracy will be needed, and Canada is still running a deficit. Third, the computerized register will show criminals exactly where the guns are located. It is very naive to think that computer hackers and bribable civil servants do not exist. (Letter to Editor, from Govier, A Practical Study of Argument ) - Argument 29. The traffic jam was caused by an accident on the freeway. A truck blew a tire and lost control, tipping over in the passing lane. - Explanation 30. It’s not essential to be super thin in order to be a model. Look at many of the pictures in today’s catalogs. They are of average, if not slightly over-weight, people. Some companies are realizing that their prospective customers will associate more with these sorts of models than the super skinny ones and be more likely to buy the product. - Argument - Last sentence is an EXPLANATION as to why you are seeing these different models 31. Males and females have different hormones. These hormones affect, for example, verbal and spatial abilities that are associated with different areas of the brain. Given this, the male brain is developed and organized slightly but noticeably differently from the female brain. - Explanation 32. We know that males and females have different hormones. Scientists have discovered that these hormones affect verbal and spatial abilities that are associated with different areas of the brain. Given this evidence, it is likely that men’s brains are organized and structured somewhat differently from women’s. - Argument 33. Women are more often the target of spouse abuse, because they have less power, both physical and economic. - Explanation 34. Because she was home schooled using only a religious-based curriculum, she is unable to 5
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provide any reasons other than appeals to the Bible to support ethical claims about company or social policies. Even when it came to something as obvious and universal as the wrongness of the needless killing in Rwanda, she couldn’t acknowledge any secular considerations, such as basic human rights, but instead just insisted that it was against the sixth commandment.
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