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Be the number one eye care provider in the world with

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be the number one eye care provider in the world, with a strong foothold in the majority of the industry but Alcon often is challenged by the competition. Alcon’s competition often forms strategic alliances to produce comparable eye care products. Specifically in the United States, competition produces generic alternatives to Alcon’s products that use similar active ingredients. Although these generics do not have the quality and brand names produced by Alcon, they also do not incur the expensive advertising and marketing costs to promote a need for such products (Alcon, 2012). Generic brands can in return be sold for lower prices; consumers have taken notice and began in recent years purchasing more generic products over brand name.
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Environmental Regulation/Impact Research, development, and production at Alcon involve the controlled use of some hazardous materials (Novartis, 2013). Local, state, and federal governments in the United States and in Europe tightly regulate the use of hazardous materials. Alcon follows the utmost of strict policies in the use, handling, and disposal of all hazardous materials used. Although strict policies are in place and followed, Alcon is still open to
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