Semi formal reports such as the present one might be

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Semi-formal reports such as the present one might be prepared for internal use in a company. They can omit the detailed discussion of the background, theory and experimental methods which would normally be included in a more formal report, such as one prepared for an outside client. The "Summary" must therefore provide any introductory comments needed to make the report understandable. As an example, the following might be a suitable summary for a semi-formal report which reports a performance test for a centrifugal pump: "Pressure rise versus flow rate measurements were made for a Model 255 centrifugal pump at rotational speeds of 600, 1200 and 1800 RPM. The non-dimensional head coefficient versus flow coefficient data were found to fall on a single curve. This indicates that the pump performance is not a function of Reynolds number for the range of conditions examined. For each speed, the inlet pressure was also reduced, for constant pressure rise across the pump, until cavitation occurred. The average value of the Suction Specific Speed (a cavitation parameter) was found to be 2.4. This is at the low end of the range typically found for centrifugal pumps. Thus, the present pump has somewhat poor resistance to cavitation." 3.0 REPORT SUBMISSION The experiments will be scheduled at two week intervals around the middle of the term. Each member of every laboratory group must submit an individually written report on each of the experiments. The report on each experiment must be submitted in person in the P.A. one week after the completion of
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