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Many reported ghost sightings involve reenactments of battles

In attempting to perform the experiment we need to

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In attempting to perform the experiment, we need to understand the independent variable as well as the dependent variable. The independent variable is the cause of the phenomenon which is the emotions of ghosts or human beings in the past that died in the area of the stones. The dependent variable would be the effect of the independent variable which is the emotions etched in the physical structure of the stones. There are other variables such as the time of the recording, the presence of ghost around the stones, and the chemical makeup of the stones. All these variables will affect the two other variables. In terms of the independent variable, it is impossible to measure the feelings of human beings in the past at the exact time of occurrence. The experiment, the extraneous variable is the common chemical nature of the stones that may make the stones able to record these emotions. How can you measure that when there are various chemicals involved in different stones? In other words, if you do an experiment, there must be a
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