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Ch. 4 points

Finally experimental research compares different

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Finally, experimental research compares different subjects by treating them differently. Research can be obtained several different ways: mail, telephone, and personal interviews. Certain forms of research attainment may be more appropriate or reliable than others, but they can also cause problems such as honesty and accuracy in answers. To best attain a customer’s touch points, customer relationship management allows a company more detailed information and maximizes customer loyalty. This information must be used wisely and be made readily available for whoever needs it. Smaller businesses and non-profit organizations typically have a different outlook at managing their companies. However, it is best to analyze a company the same way a larger corporation does to receive best marketing insights. It is vital for a company that is conducting research to not be too intrusive on their studies. Many people feel as though surveys and interviews are annoying and a personal waste of time, which may cause answers to be less honest, skewing results. Another problem caused by research is that surveys are being abused to become more swayed in order to enhance a specific point, but not to help a specific company as a whole
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