7 i hear that there is a quiz in the lab during the

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when students change sections. 7. I hear that there is a quiz in the lab during the beginning of the lab session. Will this quiz cover a particular lab or chapters in the textbook? What should I study/review before the lab? The lab quizzes are separate from lecture quizzes. The lab quizzes will only cover lab material and you will be quizzed on material from the lab that you will be performing that week and on the material from the previous lab (except on the first quiz of course). To prepare for the quiz, make sure you carefully read the specific chapter in the lab manual prior to coming to lab. Focus mainly on the introductory material. If you haven’t done the l ab yet, you will not be quizzed on the data and results of that lab (but if you did the lab a week before, you have to remember the results). 8. Will we be given a quiz in our first lab? Yes, you will be given a quiz in the first lab. Please check the Lab Syllabus for more details. 9. Do we have lab during the first week of classes? No, we start with labs during the second week of classes (unlike some other departments). You will check in and have your actual first lab (Lab Safety and Lab Skills) during the second week of classes.
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