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Race News Reflection

Families of choice families that are formed through

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still prevalent today. Families of choice (families that are formed through voluntary ties among individuals who are not biologically or legally related) help the students to build a network of support (2010:189). The article states that the majority of public schools in Hong Kong teach in the Chinese language making it nearly impossible for non-Chinese students to get ahead in there education (Yang 2013). They can’t receive the proper support and guidance if they can barely understand what the teachers are saying. Though many people see the idea of the designated system as completely negative, it has positive intentions that are beneficial for non-Chinese students. Students could use there social or spare time to learn Chinese culture and build there speaking skills. It’s good that they do have other avenues to build relationships with other people in there racial-ethnic
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group. Unfortunately, it’s a shame that non-Chinese students, who were born and raised in Hong Kong, aren’t able to have the same opportunities as Chinese students. The designated schools are an excellent idea but students have the additional burden of making sure that they gain the skills necessary to compete with the majority of students at Chinese speaking schools. But even through the segregation, the benefits of having a support system could out weigh the negativity of the Hong Kong school system. Word Count (excluding references): 350 Words References: Cherlin, Andrew. 2010. Public and Private Families: An Introduction . Sixth Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill. Yang, Calvin. 2013. “Caught between Hong Kong’s Two Systems.” The New York Times. March 10. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/11/world/asia/caught-between-hong-kongs-two- systems.html?_r=0
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Families of choice families that are formed through...

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