Through x ray studies they were able to identify 2

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Through X Ray studies they were able to identify 2 distinct types of forms, Structure A&B.Structure A is a crystalline form obtained at about 75% relative humidity whereas structure B is found at a higher humidity with a lower degree of order. Structure B can be said to be made of the crystalline structure A when its subsequent fibers take up quantities of water in excess of around 40% their weight.
8. Franklin presented her data and conclusions in 1952 at a scientific meeting. Since Franklin’s discovery predated Watson & Crick’s, some believe she should have been credited with the primary discovery. Why didn’t she share the Nobel Prize with Watson & Crick?
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9. What additional significant features (not listed in #6) of the DNA double-helix is obvious in the X-ray crystallography photo of the B-form of DNA?
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