Shahan zachary 16 january 2012 science on human

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Shahan, Zachary . . 16 January. 2012. This site is very useful. It shows graphs on how global warming has affected temperature. It also talks about studies that they are doing to try and fix the situation of global warming so that our ozone later will be useful within the next millennium. This site would also help me and be useful to my paper. It doesn’t have as many great facts but it does have very good graphs and studies that they are doing. I could use the graphs in my essay to give a more realistic look on the situation. Climate + Energy Project. Dangers of Oil Dependence. . 2012 This site talks about fossil fuels and what they are used for. It also tells us about great alternatives that we would be able to use instead of fossil fuels. It talks about planning for the future. It also explains how they have found more new way to reserve or not even use the fossil fuel. This site would be helpful to me because I could talk about the unneeded use of these fossil fuels. I can talk about the alternative sources that we have that would be less harmful to our planet.
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Hirsch The International Conservation Society . Fossil Fuels- Dangers and Conservation. . This site talks about all the repercussions of fossil fuels. How fossil fuel burning contributes heavily to global warming, the pollution of the air, water and land, as well as the production of acid rain along with many other things. This site states amazing facts and gives very good background information on the subject. I would be able to use this site very well to my advantage. It talks about everything that I need for my paper on global warming. It would also give me some very good quotes. Khan, Rina Saeed .
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Shahan Zachary 16 January 2012 science on human

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