27 the ec number for bacterial luciferase is 114143

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27. The EC number for bacterial luciferase is These numbers refer to: a. type of chemistry. b. rates of reaction. c. heat stability of the protein. d. degree of random coil. e. all of the above. 28. The chymotrypsin reaction demonstrated that as catalysts enzymes: a. have a yield of 1. b. are chemically modified in the reaction. c. have more than one active sites. d. can catalyze without being modified in the reaction. e. have higher binding affinities than antibodies. 29. Allostertic effectors are small molecules that: a. reversibly bind to the active site. b. covalently modify enzymes. c. do not bind the active site. d. look like product to inhibit the reaction. e. none of the above. 30. Zymogen regulation of enzyme activity is dependent upon: a. allosteric effectors. b. breaking peptide bond(s). c. enzymes going backwards. d. modifying the enzyme’s N-terminal amino acid. e. lowering the pH of assay.
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Written Answer Questions (Wiki sugars) 1. Using the Hayworth projections, diagram showing all atoms a repeating dimer of cellulose. (6 points) . 2. Below is a table showing an experiment with two enzymes: FIUase and Heatase. Both enzymes are able to convert the substrate, basketballin, into the product, pointsfore (B => P). Plot the data on the attached graph paper. Please try to be neat. This table is printed on the graph paper . Basketballin, mM FUIase rate F M/min Heatase rate F M/min 0.0625 .039 0.0227 0.0909 .047 0.0292 0.143 0.0555 0.0380 0.50 0.0740 0.0620 a. Graph the data as a Lineweaver Burke plot. (6 points) b. Calculate the K M for each enzyme on the Graph paper. (4 points) c. The concentration of each enzyme was the same (8.7 nM), calculate the k cat for these enzymes on the graph paper. (2 points) d. Which enzyme is the most efficient? (2 points) Answer on the graph paper.
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27 The EC number for bacterial luciferase is 114143 These...

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