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Hirsch b t 1992 winter firm investment behavior and

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Hirsch, B. T. (1992, Winter). Firm Investment Behavior and Collective Bargaining Strategy. Industrial Relations, 31(1), 95-121. Hirsch, B. T., Connolly, R., & Hirschey, M. (1986, November). Union Rent Seeking, Intangible Capital, and Market Value of the Firm. Review of Economics and Statistics, 68(4), 567-577. Krol, R., & Svorny, S. (2007, Summer). Unions and Employment Growth: Evidence from Sate Economic Recoveries. Journal of Labor Research, 28(3), 525-535. Messerli, J. (2012, January 7). Are Labor Unions a Good Thing? Retrieved from http://www.balancedpolitics.org/unions.htm Sherk, J. (2009, May 21). What Unions Do: How Labor Unions Affect Jobs and the Economy. Retrieved from http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2009/05/what- unions-do-how-labor-unions-affect-jobs-and-the-economy#_ftn34 Romeo, J. (2011 July). Education HR. Retrieved 2012 22-April from Area Development Oline: http://www.areadevelopment.com/laborEducation/July2011/unionized-labor-profitability- competiiveness-enterprise-6652.shtml?Page=2 Walsworth, S. (n.d.). What Do Unions Do to Innovation? Retrieved 2012 22-April from University Library: http://ehis.ebscohost.com/eds/detail?sid=a82667c3-8195-4dc4- 8595e3254729866f %3d#db=bth&AN=59198468
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9 Unions in the Workplace Walters, L. M. (2003 26-August). Report: Labor Policy. Retrieved 2012 April from Economic Policy Institute: http://www.epi.org/publication/briefingpapers_bp143/
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Hirsch B T 1992 Winter Firm Investment Behavior and...

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