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Many organizations are using cloud networks cloud

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Many organizations are using cloud networks. Cloud networks allow for companies data bases to be web based there for individuals can log on to their job database from a remote location. Most consumers are taking advantage of technology and using it to their benefit. Cellular technology and wireless networks have drastically evolved over time. The mobile business continues to change, offering new products and services frequently. Mobile users not only have extensive mobile devise options but various data packages and speeds for these devices to operate under. Differentiating between devices and data plans can be very confusing to the average consumer. Staying abreast of the latest developments in mobile technology can also be overwhelming to consumers. The competition among mobile service providers is very fierce. Each company is in a race to offer services faster, cheaper, and on an array of devices. The average American consumer would not take time to decide which provider to
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choose based upon the information presented. Many consumers assume that the device has something to do with the speeds and how the services function. While that is partially true the devices is not the sole factor on how wireless services perform. The device is merely the transmitter o the information that is being input and output. As a consumer these various factors that have been discussed were not a factor in deciding which services and devices to purchase. The deciding factor was price over the competitors. Price may not be the best evaluator. One must consider what they are paying for and what services would be a benefit for their reasoning for needing the services. Technology will continue to evolve. As consumers one must move with the progression or get left behind. There are thousands of Apps that have been developed to perform a myriad of tasks and processes. Initially, most of these applications were games intended to be played on mobile devices. The popularity of these applications led businesses to ponder whether some of their business process applications that run on desktop platforms and the Web could be redesigned to run on mobile devices. eMobile, a free iPhone App that allows its insurance policyholders to file a claim on the spot when an accident occurs. The
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Many organizations are using cloud networks Cloud networks...

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