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Instructed her not to open it under any circumstances

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instructed her not to open it under any circumstances, while he worked on a solution for the perfect human being. Days, weeks, months, years, decades, and centuries went by. Heart became extremely curious about the box. Haskutay had told her not to open. He had told her not to open it but never gave her the reason. She thought, “One peek wouldn’t hurt.” So, she slowly creaked opened the box, and out came flying greed, corruption, lies, ignorance, and thousands of other terrible human characteristics that took many decades to collect. And each and every one of them went flying back into Earth, just as Haskutay arrived back announcing that he finished making the perfect human and replaced all the humans the he had killed. When Haskutay saw what had happened, he was outraged. He created a lightning storm on Earth, which created all the different landforms, and also gave humans fire. After many years, a lot of the human population had died off, again. And when Haskutay had finally come back to his senses, he had realized that the humans weren’t entirely evil and that there was still some good left in them. Even though he was disappointed about the bad qualities in the humans, he knew that nothing could be done about it. Killing all the humans would be a senseless act. The humans lived and then died. Some were great and others not as good. The Gods looked down, favoring the good people, while punishing the bad. The gods tried their best to keep order on Earth and among humans, which was their greatest creation. They ensured that good always prevailed over evil. Even though their creation wasn’t perfect, because nothing is perfect, it was still a great achievement. Humans became the most dominant species on Earth. Mankind was the most amazing creation God ever created!
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