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Although literally the poem is about a doe in reality

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me), for Caesar’s I am, and wild for to hold, though I may seem”. Although literally the poem is about a doe, in reality the doe represents Anne Boleyn and Caesar resembles King Henry VIII. The technique of giving words a hidden meaning was also often used by Catullus and Horace. The ambiguity of words allowed the poet to be discreet about the true intent of the poem. Nature often was used as a symbol of love. Here in this sonnet the pacific appearance of the hind attracts Wyatt, her suitor, but what he is unaware of is that the hind’s appearance is deceiving and that although she may appear meek, her capture is impossible. The cliché that love is a hunt shows that when in love, people attempt the impossible to gain the heart of the one they love the most. Horace’s Odes I.23 written to Chloe may be seen as the influence to Sir Wyatt’s Whoso List to Hunt . Odes I.23 is Horace’s address to Chloe about how she flees from him. Chloe wild and shy, scared by the actions of her wooer flees and seeks her mother. Horace asks inquires why she flees from him when he does not mean her harm. Horace begins his poem by saying, “ Vitas hinnuleo me similis, Chloe ” (Chloe, similar to a fawn you flee from me). Wyatt similar to Horace chose to compare their maidens to fawns, for a doe is seen as a meek and shy creature. Chloe is said to Horace also similar to the Sir Wyatt is on the hunt in pursuit of the fleeing doe. Horace does not understand why Chloe avoids him, for “ Atqui non ego te tigris ut aspera Gaetulusve leo frangere persequor (But I am not following you like a rough tigress or Gaetulian lion to break you). Horace
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Poz Diaz, 3 sees that the chase to capture Chloe is in vain, for she is not yet ready to take a husband. Chloe like Anne Boleyn is described as being wild to hold. Both young women do not wish to be pursued by their suitors. Love makes both Horace and Sir Wyatt to attempt the impossible; chasing after girls that do not wish to be held or tamed by a man. They Flee from Me
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Although literally the poem is about a doe in reality the...

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