In Photo Finish you investigated the differences between the rates of

In photo finish you investigated the differences

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In Photo Finish you investigated the differences between the rates of photosynthesis in young leaves versus older leaves. You can review the floating disk assay techniques online in Chapter 8 Investigative Lab or your teacher may have a separate page that reviews the procedure. Your Problem to Investigate: Using the floating disk assay, your problem is to design and carry out an experiment to test the effect of a variable on the rate of photosynthesis. You chose which variable you will investigate. However, don’t choose the variable of leaf age. It was the variable investigated in the Photo Finish Lab. Possible Variables to Investigate: Below is a table of possible variables that provides a starting point for developing questions about photosynthesis to investigate. Of course, you may think of other variables to investigate. Look these variables over. Think about how each of these variables might affect the rate of photosynthesis. Environmental Variables Plant or Leaf Variables Method Variables (These variables may not effect photosynthesis but are still important to investigate) Light intensity (brightness) Light color Temperature Bicarbonate concentration (CO 2 source) Direction of incoming light pH of solution Leaf color (chlorophyll amount) Leaf size Stomata density Stomata distribution Light starved leaves vs leaves kept in bright light Type of plant Size of leaf disk Depth of bicarbonate solution Methods of cutting disks Leaf disk overlap Soap amount How many times can the procedure be repeated with the same disks? How long can the disks remain sunk in the solution—can they be stored overnight? Method of data collecting
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