2 A Brief Overview Improving performance has always been top managements

2 a brief overview improving performance has always

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2. A Brief Overview Improving performance has always been top management's concern. This would be best achieved by aligning of information technology (IT) to a firm’s strategic planning [2, 3]. The organization aims to achieve the maximum benefit from its resources and reduce the risk as much as possible. It works best to use all of its resources efficiently, effectively, and competitively [4] “The whole process which takes in strategic business planning to create a company’s vision and goals and strategic use of IS/IT to help realizing these goals, can be considered as strategic information systems planning” [5]. Since 1990s, SISP has been identified as a critical management issue and still ranked high as a critical issue today among key issues in IS management. With the pervasiveness of IT in the 2000s and increasing pressure on firms to leverage their IT assets, the importance of SISP has increased [6]. Strategic information systems planning (SISP) consists of many stages. An organization has to ensure proper implementation in every stage, but if one stage is ignored
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