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Q32 newspaper editorial in an attempt to reduce the

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q32: Newspaper editorial: In an attempt to reduce the crime rate, the governor is getting tough on criminals and making prison conditions harsher. Part of this effort has been to deny inmates the access they formerly had to college-level courses. However, this action is clearly counter to the governor’s ultimate goal, since after being released from prison, inmates who had taken such courses committed far fewer crimes overall than other inmates. Which of the following is an assumption on which the argument depends? A. Not being able to take college-level courses while in prison is unlikely to deter anyone from a crime that he or she might otherwise have committed. B. Former inmates are no more likely to commit crimes than are members of the general population. C. The group of inmates who chose to take college-level courses were not already less likely than other inmates to commit crimes after being released. 27
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D. Taking high school level courses in prison has less effect on an inmate’s subsequent behavior than taking college-level courses does. E. The governor’s ultimate goal actually is to gain popularity by convincing people that something effective is being done about crime. Answer: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q33: Almost a decade after New York State passed laws to protect patients by reducing the grueling hours worked by medical residents, twelve hospitals have been investigated by state medical officials, finding that all twelve consistently break the laws, many residents work longer than 24 hours straight, and that more than half the surgical residents work more than 95 hours a week. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Q34: Shoppers in sporting goods stores, unlike in department stores, do very little impulse shopping, not buying a pair of skis and a boomerang when they come in for a basketball, but they leave with a basketball only .
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