This epidemic disease brought fear and panic until

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(Foucault, 2014). This epidemic disease brought fear and panic until the year 1997 when preventive measures were brought into place by the United Nations program. In 1924, gay rights movement was established to allow the same-sex marriage and also equal rights for those practicing same-sex intercourses. Bills were motioned and failed in the past but the most successful bill for the gay society is the one passed by the US President in the year 2012 where gay rights were equalized with any other law of the society (Foucault, 2014). In the year 1765, sexual discrimination was at its peak where women were supposed to just stay indoors whereas men were working and almost all employed. During the first and the Second World War, women occupied the positions occupied by men and since then a law was passed that women should receive equal pay and treatment as the men (Greenberg et al., 2016). Condom invention in 1870 brought up the recognition of condoms at the world fair trade where people were encouraged to reduce the risk of pregnancies with a condom.