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I was very afraid to mess up and i was so grateful

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doing. I was very afraid to mess up and I was so grateful for my previous training. I definitely struggled at the beginning because I was not getting the help I had been before. I stayed quietly in the back of the room and tried to keep up with everyone else because I was not as sure in myself without the scaffolding from my other teacher. I took so many classes my senior year that I was taking a class geared towards younger girls in an attempt to better my technique. In this class Kathy gave extra attention and direction to the girls that I had already received. I was trying to learn at a level below my zone of proximal development and I was bored. In this particular class I was being held back because I was completely under-challenged. I was old enough at this point, however, that I could take what I had learned and apply it to myself. I knew what good technique was at that point, so while Kathy was working closely with the other girls, I taught myself and improved on my own. It's not to say that she ignored me. If I was working really hard on something, she would give me tips and encouragement. But, the majority of the time, I was on my own at a level below me. 3. Piagetian theory is widely known and used in the psychology and education departments. Piaget believed that children were like “little scientists” and that they would try to make sense of their world. This thinking is called constructivism. Children would use their prior knowledge to make sense of novel events and develop explanations. They would do this through the use of schemas. A schema is a concept in a person's mind that they use to organize information. For instance, we all have a schema for dog. In early childhood, it would begin with four legs, fur, barking, etc. When they saw an animal with four legs and fur they might automatically assign that animal into their dog schema. However, they can also overgeneralize. Say that new animal is really a cat. When they saw that the cat meows instead of barks, they would assign it to a new schema. The part of Piaget's theory that plays the biggest role in education is
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I was very afraid to mess up and I was so grateful for my...

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