Each diagram should occupy no more than one page and it should be landscape

Each diagram should occupy no more than one page and

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Each diagram should occupy no more than one page and it should be ‘landscape’ format, not a ‘portrait’ format. All diagrams in the file must be printable as is, within margins and all diagram elements legible. Layout your diagrams to ensure all contents are readable when your submission is printed on A4 paper. Check the final result is readable. Indecipherable content cannot be assessed and will attract a mark of zero. The process modelled should match what you have described in your analysis report. Part 2 Report Your report should be no more than 2500 words +/-10%, and it should: Select and read academic journal papers (more recent and at least 5) related to Business Process Management, process analysis, design and development. You are required to provide an overview for the management team on BPM trends, and also why process analysis, design and develop are important to their business (no more than 1000 words). Describe the organisation, its structure, culture, strategies and how these impact on their processes and on efforts to re-design processes in the future; Your assignment should be written in the form of a review aimed at the management and staff of the organisation with the current process and the current issues. There are many issues/problems in the current process. For assignment 1, individual effort, you should provide an overview of all major issues/problems, but only select Three (3) which you consider being the most essential to resolve and discuss them in detail, providing your reasoning . Such as: What are some of the benefits if the problem/issue(s) are addressed? Any assumptions? Any limitations? Do not make any specific recommendations at this stage. The detailed suggested changes will be addressed specifically in assignment 2 Parts 1 & 2. Model documentation: for each of the models provided, you are required to provide a brief explanation for each of the activities (what are the key steps required to complete the activity) and gateways (the purpose of the gateways) covered in the model. It is always a good idea to use a table(s) to summarize these details. Submission Requirements Just submit a single MSWord document. Archives with multiple files and/or subfolders will not be accepted. A word-processed report with no more than 2500 +/- 10% words which includes:
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