B the three voltages all measured with respect to the

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a) The total power supplied to the divider circuit by the 24 V source is 80 W when the divider is unloaded. b) The three voltages, all measured with respect to the common reference terminal, are: v 1 = 12 V, v 2 = 5 V and v 3 = -12 V. Fig. (7) 8) a) The voltage divider in Fig.(8-a) is loaded with the voltage divider shown in Fig.(8-b); that is, a is connected to a', and b is connected to b'. Find v o . b) Now assume the voltage divider in Fig.(8-b) is connected to the voltage divider in Fig.(8-a) by means of a current-controlled voltage source as shown in Fig. (8-c). Find v o . c) What effect does adding the dependent-voltage source have on the operation of the voltage divider if it is connected to 380 V source?
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