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Is it possible to have a mixture of two elements and

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5. Is it possible to have a mixture of two elements and also to have a compound of the same two elements? Can you think of an example? 6. Can the terms homogeneous and heterogeneous be applied to pure substances as well as mixtures? Can you think of an example? 7. Metal A dissolves in nitric acid solution. You can recover the original metal if you place metal B in the liquid. Metal A becomes heavier after prolonged exposure to air. The procedure is faster if the metal is heated. From the evidence given, can you tell if Metal A definitely is or could be an element or a compound? If you cannot, what other information do you need to make that classification? Page 3 8. The density of a liquid was determined in a laboratory. The liquid is left in an open container overnight. The next morning the density is measured again and found to be greater than it was the previous day. Is the liquid a pure substance or mixture? Explain your answer. Significant Figures: 1. Consider the following measurements . Which one(s) have a value of seven hundred fifty million? How many significant figures are shown in each? a) 7500 x 10 6 b) 7.500 x 10 8 c) 750 x 10 6 d) 750,000,000 e) 7500 x 10 8 2. Which of the following measurements have four significant figures?
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3.003 g 19.00 mL 0.0050 in 1.20 x 104mg 0.001607 ps 3. Evaluate the expression: (8.346 m + 2.854 m)( 1.2750 m) = What are the units? 4. What is the numerical value of: 1.5 cm – 7.222 x 10 -1 cm? Page 4 5. Calculate the following to the correct number of significant figures. (3.53 / 0.084)g – (14.8 x 0.046)g = _____ 6. When the masses 0.0222 kg, 140.000 g and 5888 mg are added, the total should be ______?______ reported with __?__ significant figures.
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