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Chapter 9 Review Packet --11-24-03[1]_1

An antibonding mo the corresponding bonding mo a is

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46. An antibonding MO __________ the corresponding bonding MO. a. is always lower in energy than b. can accommodate more electrons than c. can accommodate fewer electrons than d. is always higher in energy than e. is always degenerate with 47. The more effectively two atomic orbitals overlap, ____________. 48. The order of MO energies in B 2 , C 2 , and N 2 ( σ 2p > π 2p), is different from the order in O 2 , F 2 , and Ne 2 ( σ 2p < π 2p). This is due to
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49. In molecules containing alternating single and double bonds, the π bonds are said to be _____. 50. Of the following, _____ is false regarding β -carotene. a. It contains 11 conjugated double bonds. b. It is the substance chiefly responsible for the bright orange color of carrots. c. The human body converts it to vitamin-A. d. It has a very large HOMO-LUMO gap. e. Its ã electrons are extensively delocalized.
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