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3 hrm incidents new workers they could hire to add to

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3 HRM INCIDENTS new workers they could hire. To add to the shortage of people available to work, many (usually the repair crews), often had no place to sleep at night because al of the motels were full. 2.) Do you believe that the HR situation described regarding Hurricane Rita would be typical in a HR disaster? Explain. a. The HR situation described would likely be typical in a disaster of similar magnitude. Business HR contingency plans can only prepare to limit the negative impact of employee and housing shortage. With disasters like Hurricane Rita, you cannot stock pile people and you cannot anticipate when and where something of that magnitude will happen. HRM Incident Two: Downsizing HRM Incident Two: Downsizing gives an overview of a difficult decision about downsizing that had to be made by Scott Wheeler, the human resource director of International Forest Products Company (IFP), in the small, mostly rural area in Ouachita, AR. IFP employed almost 10% of the local workforce and Wheeler received instructions from the company president that a 30% workforce reduction was needed. Wheeler goes on to explain the difficulty of developing a human resource plan to address the drastic cuts. Issues he needed to keep in mind when developing this plan were the union’s reaction, local government officials and civic leaders reactions, and most importantly (via IFP president) the shareholders interests. Questions 1.) List the elements in the company’s environment that will affect Scott’s suggested plan. How legitimate is the interest of each of these?
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4 a. The elements in the IFP environment that will affect Wheeler’s HR plan include the unions, shareholders, product cost advantage to its competitors, as well as the local leadership. The interest in all of these
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3 HRM INCIDENTS new workers they could hire To add to the...

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