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However when sears argues against the allegation

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committing fraud against its customers. However, when Sears argues against the allegation, there are several cracks in the investigation. For one, Sears only held a small fraction of the 18,000 complaints received annually. The cars used for the investigation also were older models with severe repair problems, because a part or system had failed. In addition, the failed parts were replaced with new ones and then aged to look like the original parts, which meant that the cars were often misdiagnosed, because the symptoms indicated to the mechanics that further repairs were needed. However, even with a reinvestigation, overselling was still a common problem found in the auto centers, which leads to the conclusion that the mechanics were not being motivated properly. Conclusion As Brennan, it is clear that he was placed in an extremely difficult position, but it might have helped if he had understood motivation factors for his employees. While having good communication and a specific goal structure is effective in some ways, the quota seemed to have backfired possibly because ceiling effect where people reach their goal and then stop even though the performance level could go higher. With this in mind, it might have been better for Brennan to recognize individual differences in motivation while making his goals. It also would have been better to use job-enriching techniques rather than a quota to increase performance in this Merchandising sector and the company as a whole.
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