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B what is the price s rs 50 seller keeps on shouting

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Unformatted text preview: B: What is the price? S: Rs 50 Seller keeps on shouting: Rs 50, Rs 50, Rs 50 B: Reduce the price and then I will buy 2 S: Price will remain the same even if you buy 10 or 15. B: Ok give 2 Buyer buys because his children were crying for the toy Seller gives two toys at Rs 50 each. Observation Seller was very smart and he took advantage of the situation because he knew that the buyer will buy the toys at any price as his children were crying for the toy. Otherwise they do bargain on toys if you buy more than 1. OBSERVATION 16 Location: Bags shop 3 ladies come at a bag shop and take out different bags and each of them chose one. B: What are the prices? S: Rs 1000 for the brown one, Rs 1500 for black and Rs 1200 for the white one. The three of them didn’t bargain and paid whatever the price was. Observation: The ladies belonged to a rich family due to which bargaining for prices was not good for them as it would harm their image and price was not an important purchasing factor for them. That’s why they bought on the quoted price without any bargaining. ‘It’s a good feeling because it makes us realize how these shopkeepers are making fools out of us by charging such a high price’ (Respondent 12). 167...
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